Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Troll, w / Mercury @ spokes Scene.

I wrote this text in Norwegian, and thought of posting it here, but i can't be assed to write it all out again, instead i present you this puzzle, of poorly translated concert review ramblings.
those of you who solve it, all glory to you.

Mercury, as the opening band gave everything to the atmosphere. A touch of humor by reading the poem that was found on the floor, and spontaneous ideas as to set up a lectern to lead singer testified won a stage set and entertainment group. By running at a high tempo from the beginning, and with an incredible live stage performance. Is it nothing more than to reap praise for the Mercury effort.
Sonically, it was no sludge ', which drowned some of the riffs any and all text disappeared in a sump hole of sound.
Musically, the mix of their heavy & power metal, with elements of prog, thrash and core elements interesting and varied. Especially the singer should have praised for its excellent and varied vocal lines.
Purely personal, I could wish that they Tont the "fairy metal" tendencies their breakdowns and did listen to the X-core band to come.
A sleepy audience may be due to the somewhat remote concert venue, the band's relatively unknown, and that the audience sat on chairs. An Experience that met expectations, and a fantastic live show makes Mercury deserves a
roll of the dice: 4

Troll entered the scene in total darkness with the grim, grandiose tones accompaniment. The theatrical effect was strong, and put the audience in the mood for what was: raw Norwegian black metal, with elements of symphonic, industrial, death and thrash. There was a high degree of riffing on both guitar and keyboards, and great vocal delivery.
The performance stage to the Troll was just as energetic as Mercury, but less vivid, unless flirting with the audience, but with constant headbanging and windmilling.
Sonically, however Troll had 100% control, with a clear distortion tone, and all the instruments clearly audible. Some of the audience thought the vocals were unclear, but as I sat there with me I got everything.
Troll did a very good concert that could only be improved with even more life on stage.
With good sound, good music, much of the last album, and a strong live performance, merit Troll
karrakteren: 5

Review of the annihilator concert yesterday is comming, but i can say, i loved it.


  1. interesting post man

  2. it's important to give everything to the atmosphere...

  3. so much hard englirsh vocabulary in this i need a dictionary

  4. some of that norwegian black metal is just so bad ass. i'll look out for these guys

  5. I think it's pretty fun to read the translation.

  6. looking forward to the review brah