Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mutant - Laserdrome (EP) - (2009)

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A new slab of modern thrash metal today. Mutant, who formed just back in '04 and with a discography consisting of a mere 2 EP's, these guys are pretty fresh in the game. This does not seem to be a hindrance for the Brits in Mutant.

Kicking at high speed, with the feel of many modern thrash bands this may seem a bit "normal" at a cassual first listen, but all the details make this album so much more than just another thrash revival disc. The riffing has a fair amount of melodic qualities, and structurally this EP has a fair deal of progressive influences.

The guitars are about 60% Thrash revival riffing, 30% melodic/technical thrash riffing and 10% awesome solos. this is all you need to know.

The vocals range from classical shouts, to a more guttural growling (unlike about everything else i've put up to review here). They are well exceuted, and fit the music well. thumbs up.

The drums have their moments, and have a few proggy moments. mostly in bass/snare patterns, but steady as a rock, and varying the patterns a fair deal. no complaints here.

Apart from in the basssolos, you can't hear the bass all that much. it's just below the guitars in unison, not doing all that many licks, but when you hear it, they are good, and a pleasant surprise. decent day at the office.

This piece of music is defiantly something of the better stuff to come out in the last few years. it should be checked out. 8.5/10.

Mutant - Laserdrome (mediafire)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vektor - Black Future

I'm telling you: It's not a Voivod Rip-off!
 A relatively new band, formed in 2002 with a mere 2 albums to show for it yet, Vektor is a you and promising band worth keeping an eye for in the future. Even though their primary genre affiliation would be thrash, they hardly mix with the other retro-thrash bands. Their prog-inspired and blackened blend of thrash is unlike any other thing i've heard.
The riffs span from fairly technical thrash riffs  to moody black pieces. most of the time i'd call the riffs a mix, with a blackened tonality and thrashy style. The variation presented keeps one interested through the entire album. The one thing i could wish for was more solos. the ones that are present are melodic and directional. They lead the music into new directions with their short bursts of high-pitched melody, Most Notably on the longer songs ending the album: "Dark Nebula" and "Accelerated Universe". Both of witch are highlights on this album with their respectively blackest and "thrashest" songs

The vocals are the most Blackened Aspect of this Album with a rasping shriek-ish style dominating the output. Worth noting are the incredibly high pitched Shirline on the chorus of the album closer: "accelerated universe". his vocals are not my cup of tea but they are well done and pleasant listening to if you take kindly to his style.

Bassmanship is pretty good on this album, but nothing that stand out as a big achievement. A few licks of counterpoint is used, (Black Future is the most prominent example), and to good effect, but nothing special.

 The same mostly goes for The drums. intense, with lots of blastbeats and doublebass. Thigh and well performed, but not something that strikes me as noteworthy.

Songwriting is  of a high calliber and the most striking aspect on the record. All transitions feel natural and works well. The moodscape is strong and done at a reasonable rate.

A Total score today is pretty easy. 9.5/10.

Vektor - Black Future (mediafire)
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Vektor - Black Future

Vektor - Accelerated Universe