Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Death - Symbolic (1995)

The eye, the snake, hands, a couple and lots of dark grey,
It seems like the symbolicism her is that if humans don't
watch out, we might create gentically modified snakes with
 hands, that will kill us all.
There was a request in the comments some time ago, to give my view on Death, or "Chuck will turn in his grave man"
caring for my readers i try to oblige all requests. do give me more of them, i might find something new i like.
I will also want to apologize for not updating for a whole week, but i have been extremely preoccupied with preparations for a show, and i may be busy next week, too, can't promise an update before next Tuesday.
The annihilator Concert review is a project I've started to write, but lain off, since i don't have the pics that my buddy snapped. The review goes up as soon as i get my hands on the pics.

Now, Death. Easily one of the most important names in the death metal genre. Innovating and almost inventing the death metal genre, including naming it, these guys are essential in the collection of any fan of extreme metal. Debatably releasing the very first true death metal reccord in 1987 with "Scream Bloody Gore" and with constant renewal of themselves, "evil chuck" and crew come of as musicians with high ambitions and considerable skill.

1995's symbolic has taken the band to a far more progressive, melodic and emotional style.
The albums focus is not on the brutality and/or technicality that most other  DM bands of the time did, but rather on taking the listener on a journey of feelings and moods. the use of tempo changes and a few changes of time signatures around the album keep things interesting throughout, and at times, wondering what will come next. In structure and songwriting this album is absolutely top-notch. Very few albums have this level of thought put into composition.

Vocally, chuck has put a greater emphasis on making the lyrics distinguishable, and the articulation of the semi-growling vocals is great. If  you put emphasis on distinguishable lyrics, this album is a pleaser as there is little effort needed to decipher the lyrics. Despite the clarity in chucks voice, he still manages to sound angry. there is a definite aggression to his hoarse voice.

Rifficaly speaking, the album is not the strongest DM album in existence, without being bad by any standards. The variation is good, and a lot of the guitar parts convey emotion well. But few riffs truly stand out as truly excellent DM pieces. (The opener/titletrack has a few dam good parts though.)
The solos have tons of direction and work very well, and are of the highest quality. A true highlight of the album.

Percussion on this album is perfect. While there are more speedy & technical drumming out there, and more progressive amazingness in other genres, the drummer here knows how to only attract attention when he does something extraordinary. His work is  also amazingly tight at all points in the album. the drum sound is slightly dry, with little reverb or "fall-off" noise. Here credit is due to the producer, as this dryness gives the tight work an even tighter sound.

Bassmanship has a lot of the same qualities as the drumming on this album. tight, truly excellent at times and well produced, it also has a lot lines that keep unique to the guitar, without being all that noticeable, making the bass a little hidden gem that you can search for and give you a little smile anytime.

Well produced, extremely well composed and with generally very good individual performances. this makes for a great album. If you are not acquainted with death's style of DM, you will need a couple of listens before you truly appreciate it, but when you get there. there is a masterpiece there for you. 9/10.

Death - Symbolic
Death - Symbolic (spotify)

Death - Crystal mountain

Death - Symbolic


  1. death are maybe my fav group respect for chuck T.T

  2. Wow, I was not expecting this today.

  3. Im always stuck between Human and Individual Thought Patterns as my favorite Death albums....but Symbolic does rip

  4. interesting game but i dont play never this game's

  5. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you

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